every sunset (on the 50th degree of latitude), webcam installation, 2011/ 2012

The installation every sunset (on the 50th degree of latit ude) works in a similar way on our feeling of time. For this installation Lisa Weber uses the pictures of webcams round the globe, which are available in the web. For 4 minutes the installation shows a sunset somewhere on the 50th degree of latitude. The picture sequence follows the sunset until the sun has disappeared behind the horizon and then moves on to the next sunset at a different place on the same degree of latitude. It is as if a musical clock is being rewound time and again, always playing the same text to a different melody. The observer from a certain point onwards loses every sense of singularity and his/her usual orientation in time and space. The sun remains the only constancy in this eternal repetition of movement around the globe and connects at the same time singularity with the eternal.

exerpt of the text of Tasja Langenbach in the catalogue as time goes by

see: www.everysunset.de